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Groza I

Between the grey pillars of conscience the path to truth narrows.
The burden of Aksios leaking through open wounds.
Lo and behold: the finely crafted,
precise mechanism of sheep and scapegoat.
Relative within the borders of universal logic.
Collective confidence in moral permanency.
The lowest common denominator is crowned.
Standpoints are chosen over general reason.
Stars allocated to every man and woman.
Fair measure of futile love and will.
Fortresses of blissful unconsciousness,
anywhere between Aquinas and Descartes.
Blazing a trail as shown, as told, over the exact same traces.
Crawling in circles with face in dirt and spirit skyhigh.
The destroyer of hope. King of rust and wreck.
Contract & detract.
Harbinger of havoc. Wreaker of rule.
Truth becomes lie and lie becomes truth.
Here, in fact, we may be in the presence of one of the most necessary of all Devils:
the Ecumenical Unifier, champion of all efforts to remove invidious distinctions
between nature and nurture, body and spirit, interdiction and impulse, time and
eternity, individual and community, male and female, Hell and Heaven-and
ultimately, of course, between man and God.
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These are the official lyrics, taken from the booklet.

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