French Rappers

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French Rappers

French rap is probably one of the most listened genre and the second most listened rap after US rap.
As a big fan of French rap, here is a collection with all the French rappers I can think of. They are not ranked from the best to the worst, I put them on when they come to my mind, whether I like them or not. Enjoy!

6. Kaaris
Top 3 songs:  Octogone Livraison Tchoin
7. Booba
Top 3 songs:  Arc en ciel PGP 92i Veyron
11. Lefa
Top 3 songs:  Bi Chwiya Paradise Bitch
12. Maska
Top song:  Ça va aller
13. Nekfeu
Top 3 songs:  Pixels Tricheur Elle pleut
18. Damso
21. Lacrim
Top 3 songs:  A.W.A Corleone Jon Snow
23. 1995
Top song:  Bla bla bla
Top 3 songs:  Fichu Oiseaux Billy Cocaine
27. PNL
34. Alkpote
Top song:  Plus Haut
36. Koba LaD
Top song:  Train de Vie
Top song:  Stoïque
38. Ateyaba
Top song:  Majeur En L'air
39. Retro X
Top song:  Soleil de Paris
41. SCH

From Belgium

Top 3 songs:  Malade Soleil J’ai vu
43. Soprano
Top 3 songs:  Zoum Roule Fragile
46. Nusky
Top song:  Deux minutes
Top 3 songs:  Plus tard Dommage Papa
51. 2TH
52. Dadju
Artist | France R&B/Soul
Top 3 songs:  Jaloux Reine Django
53. Niro
Artist | France
Top song:  PLS
55. Kalash
Top 3 songs:  Mwaka Moon Taken Bando
57. Ninho
Top 3 songs:  Mamacita Un Poco Roro
59. Sofiane
Artist | France
61. Alonzo
Top 3 songs:  Déterminé Binta Finis les
65. Lomepal
69. Médine
Top 2 songs:  Métèque Mamy
81. Sadek
Artist | France
Top song:  Ándale
83. Demon One
Top song:  Solitude
84. Dry
87. Siboy
Top song:  mula
88. Tandem
Top song:  93 Hardcore
90. Lartiste
Top 3 songs:  Djadja Pookie La dot
92. Hamza
Artist | Belgium
Top 3 songs:  1994 Deep inside Anh Yeah
95. MB14
96. Guizmo
Artist | France
98. Aliyas
Top song:  A toi
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