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An African beat is unmistakable. It immediately gets you on your feet so you start dancing.
Afrostyle is a collection of French songs with an African touch. Genres include Coupé-Décalé, Ndombolo, Afro-trap, hip-hop fused with African beats and so on.

Guinean and Zairese savages.
"Si tu penses que t'es solide, on te fait tomber comme la mur de Berlin."- Kalash Kriminel.
On dit que le blancs savent pas danser, même si c'est le cas ça reste anodin.

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Big Black and MHD come out with a banger to celebrate Western Africa. Beat by Danny Synthé.

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The challenges of being black in France.
Laisse-moi juste vous inviter à danser, je vais vous ambiancer.

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Song | French MHD

My personal favorite from MHD, featuring the ladies man, Dadju. Les gars, c'est une chanson pour tes sweethearts.

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Song | French Naza

Naza announces his presence with this song. Trust me, the guitar tune nearing the end of the song is out of this world.

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Song | French Naza

Naza tu connais le name.
This is for any friend who is as stubborn as hell. When they get to their breaking point, and after you've had the last laugh, une famille reste une famille.

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Song | French Lefa

"Petit pas sans s'alcooliser, sur sol mouillé, derniers souliers faut pas glisser"- Lefa
"Viens si tu veux de l'ambiance"- Abou Debeing
"Fais nous voir ce que tu vaux, ou descends"- Dadju.

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Song | French Gims

DJ Last One on the beat for Gims and Jul. Nothing much in the lyrics. We just want to dance our heads off.

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Song | French Gims

Another banger from Meugi Warano, the African version of Gangnam style.
Dansons !

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Song | French Gims

Heartbroken after disappointment from your loved one? Beidjik and his brother Gims have something to get you over it.

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Song | French Gims

Who doesn't love this song? Phenomenal. Never gets old to me. The Congolese boys Gims and Niska with a piece to make your hands up whoever you are. Danny Synthé on the beat.
Haut les mains !

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Africa's a lot better than the the horror depictions you might have seen on your screens. It's surely behind developmentally, but we still love Africa. Allez, l'Afrique !
Chez Mama Africa, on peut danser.

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Song | French Gringe

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Song | French Gims

Sometimes you just have to let it go, the things people say.
My favorite lines:
Monsieur Djuna, veuillez baisser la musique.
-Allez dire ça à ceux qui sont bien sur la piste.
Monsieur Djuna, je m'inquiète pour ton avenir.
-Monsieur le prof, tu ne connais pas l'avenir.

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Song | French Gims

An song in appreciation to his mother, Gims also recounts his struggles as a young boy, and his success presently.

Song | French Gims

I'm clueless as to whom H Magnum, Orelsan and Gims are picking on, nevertheless the beat is good.

A simple message to the girls who abuse make-up. Your faces are beautiful enough without modification. So cool it with the facial painting.

kwameGHkwameGH    Mon, 29/04/2019 - 15:29

Hahaha, first off, Maître Gims is one of my favorite artistes. It's his rap I don't like. His only rap I enjoy till date is "Angelina". (You can view my profile for proof.)

Also, it's fine if the songs are mostly Afro-trap, any genre with a touch of African music passes.

And thanks for the suggestion!

kwameGHkwameGH    Sat, 04/05/2019 - 16:20

Thanks for the song.